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Oats are a whole grain.

Oat Meal - Whole Grain Oats - Saabut Jaee - साबुत जई
WHOLE GRAIN - साबुत अनाज 

•Grains, commonly referred to as ‘cereals’ or ‘cereal grains’, are the edible seeds of specific 

grasses belonging to the Poaceae (also known as Gramineae) family. 

•GRAIN(अनाज का दाना ): (दाना , कण , कणिका )
Maize - Corn - MAKKA - CHALLI(अनाज)
Rice - CHAWAL (अनाज)
Wheat - GAHUNN (अनाज)
Millet - बाजरा (अनाज)
Barley - जौ (अनाज)
Sorgum - चारा (अनाज)
>>More on Sorghum - Sorghum is related to sugar cane and to millet and is called ‘Great Millet’ in some areas of West Africa. It is an important staple food of the upland, drier parts of Africa and India where no other cereal can successfully be raised. Sorghum is able to grow in soils that are quite poorly nourished, with an unreliable water supply.

Oats vs. Daliya
Both have high protein and same nutritive value but Oats is expensive than Dalia because of its 


•Dalia is nothing but broken wheat and Oats is a different grain altogether like you can see in 

the pictures. Oats, Porridge and Dalia (Daliya) all are same things, made from wheat. Only the 

process of making from wheat is different. Raw Porridge and Dalia are small pieces (half grind) 

of wheat.

•The term “Dalia” is a generic word that refers to a product obtained by coarsely(moto-mota) 

grinding any grain. However, dalia in general parlance refers to coarsely ground wheat grain 

and is also called cracked or broken wheat, whereas oat is a different cereal grain, which is 

called “Jai” in Hindi and Avena sativa is the scientific name.

Multi Grain - मिले जुले अनाज

Pre-procedure of adding milk to oats:
>>Saute (तलना) the oil(1tablespoon) with oats(1/2 cup) for 2-3 minutes - 

Measurements -
•one glass- 236 ml
•One tea-cup - 150 ml - when filled to 1.5 cm below the rim.
•3 teaspoon is exactly equals to 1 tablespoon
simmer - उबाल
•1tablespoon - 14.79 ml (15ml)
•1teaspoon - 4.93 ml (5ml)

•If you want a conversion to grams, then it depends on the particular item you are weighing. A 

teaspoon of salt will weigh much less than a teaspoon of lead.
•1tablespoon Sugar - 12.50 grams
•1teaspoon sugar - 4.2 grams


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